Green Energy for Islands

WP (III): Definition of transition scenarios for sustainable development

At the beginning of WP III data about the existing energy facility and energy demand of the island were collected. The island possesses one energy facility with six units that operate with diesel and maximum capacity of approximately 6,440 MW. The peak demand recorded in 2013 was 4,668 MW, while projections of the power company for the next five years do not exceed 5,015 MW. Hourly operating capacity of the existing diesel units, economic and fuel data were also collected to be used for comparison purposes in WP IV.

Data on the energy requirements of the island were collected from both the local and the central public power company showing that the total annual power demand of the island in the year 2012 was 15,550 MWh. Detailed tables dividing the energy use per type (electrical/thermal) building type and sector were created. In addition from the collected data detailed tables on costs of the electricity generation were calculated and distributed among the different settlements of the island. The total costs of electricity and thermal energy were presented for each building type on Skyros. Residences present by far the highest costs of energy consumption, followed by small businesses (offices and shops) and then buildings hosting public services. Tourist accommodations were found to play a relatively less significant role in the energy consumption statistics and costs, mainly due to their limited number on the island. To outline the overall energy portfolio of the island, the fuel consumption in the transport sector was analyzed based on economic and environmental considerations. The analysis of the transport sector included information on transport fuels for vehicles owned by the municipality of Skyros and estimations of private vehicles based on national statistics.

Subsequently, several maps of the island were prepared: a geomorphological map, maps emphasizing environmentally-important areas of the island and maps of the renewable energy potential of the island.

Lastly, feasible renewable energy technologies and energy storage systems were identified based on reported available energy resources on the island and the planned review of the WP on renewable technologies and storage technologies including economic and environmental information.

Based on all the above and the conclusions of the previous WPs, suitable renewable electrical, thermal and transport energy scenarios were designed for the sustainable development of the island. These scenarios were analyzed in WP IV.


Report: “Demographics, geography, economy and energy statistics of Skyros”

Report: “Current energy use on Skyros: statistical, economic and environmental analysis”

Report: “Description, economic and environmental issues of renewable energy technologies”