Green Energy for Islands

WP (I) – Identification of the case study community

The goal of WP I was to identify the location of the case study. The availability of statistical data of non-interconnected small islands was investigated with an extended review of statistical databases available online and/or through contacting key people in the statistical service of the country.  The purpose was to focus on one island of a relatively small size with abundant renewable resources and cooperation of local authorities.

Based on the project proposal, the first criteria to choose the island was to confirm the availability of data and the cooperation of local authorities and energy providers. After positive communications with the division responsible for the non-interconnected islands (DEDDIE) it was seen that the collection of energy data for non-interconnected islands was not going to be an issue in the project. Thus, the three criteria set in the project were enriched with three quantitative restrictions.

The 2 restrictions set to reduce the number of suitable islands were (1) size: smaller than 300 km2 and bigger than 150 km2 and (2) population density: less than 40 permanent inhabitants/km2. After the above restrictions, from the 58 non-interconnected islands, four islands were singled out: Karpathos, Ikaria, Skyros and Milos. In order to choose the most suitable island among these four for the realization of the project, the following criteria were used: (1) availability of local energy statistics, (2) collaboration of local authorities, and (3) energy resources availability. As a result of the mentioned filtering process, the island of Skyros was chosen.

Data on energy consumption and production of Skyros were collected after personal communications with employees of the public power company of Greece and more specifically, the division responsible for the non-interconnected islands. The cooperation of the local authorities was ensured with personal contact with the island’s administration and mutual agreement on the actions necessary for the successful realization of the project. Additionally, the abundant availability of energy resources on the island was confirmed since energy generation on Skyros could be based on solar radiation, wind and water sources.

In order to gain a better perspective on the energy situation of the country, and specifically on issues associated with renewable energy sources, it was decided to research and report on associated national statistical and legal matters. These actions resulted in the preparation of two overview reports on state energy statistics and laws and regulations that were not included in the initial work plan of the project. These reports were published on the website of the project for further information dissemination. The purpose of the addition of these two deliverables was to present and inform interested people on the present energy situation of the country and to clarify the country’s very complicated and constantly changing legal regulations.


“Review on laws and regulations concerning renewable energy issues”

“Energy statistics and renewable energy potential of Greece”