Green Energy for Islands


Green ENERGy for ISlands (GENERGIS) studied and reported paths towards the renewable energy autonomy of Skyros island in Greece.

The goals of the project were to:

(1) address the energy autonomy of the island, including energy storage systems,
(2) involve the people of the community in the decision-making process,
(3) perform detailed technical calculations through simulations, as well as exhaustive economic and environmental analyses,
(4) propose a concrete energy plan for achieving 100% sustainable living,
(5) create the first guide on sustainable development based on social, environmental and economic data.

GENERGIS was supported by the Programme FP7 of the European Union with a duration of 24 months (Start: May 2013, Finalization: April 2015).
The project was conducted by the post-doctoral researcher Fontina Petrakopoulou with the support of Prof. Maria Loizidou of the National Technical University of Greece (NTUA).