Green Energy for Islands

Dr.-Ing. Fontina Petrakopoulou

National Technical University of Athens, NTUA
9 Iroon Polytechneiou, Zographou Campus
Athens 157 73 Greece
Τel.: +30 69 73 38 78 04

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Research interests
Simulation of advanced energy conversion systems, application of thermodynamic, economic and environmental analyses in order to enhance operating efficiencies and reduce emissions, costs and environmental impacts simultaneously; development of new tools for power plant optimization.

Educational background
PhD in Energy Engineering, December 2010, Technical University of Berlin, Germany
Dipl.-Ing. Production Engineering and Management (Mechanical Engineering), November 2005, Technical University of Crete, Greece

Work Experience
– 05/2013 – present, Research associate, Research on the green development of isolated areas, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Greece
– 02/2011 – 01/2013, Post-doctoral researcher, Institute IMDEA Energy, Spain
– 01/2012 – 05/2012, Consulting activities concerning the advanced exergoeconomic evaluation of a combined-cycle power plant with and without post-combustion CO2 capture, Shell Global Solutions International BV
– 11/2009 Consulting activities related to technical auditing, Nagarjuna Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited
– 11/2005 – 12/2010 Research and Teaching assistant, Technical University of Berlin, Germany

Teaching Experience
– 09/2013 – present, Lecturer – Undergraduate course “Heat Transfer” (7th semester), Technical University of Crete, Greece
– 2013 – present, Supervisor of one Ph.D. thesis, Technical University of Madrid (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, UPM)
– 2011 – 01/2013, Co-supervisor of one Ph.D. thesis, Research Institute IMDEA Energy, Spain
– 2011 – 2013, Co-supervisor of 6 Student research theses, Research Institute IMDEA Energy, Spain
– 2009, Teaching assistant, Design, Analysis and Optimization of Energy Conversion Systems (Entwurf, Analyse und Optimierung von Energieumwandlungsanlagen), use of EBSILON®Professional for the design of different types of energy conversion systems and their exergoeconomic evaluation and optimization, Technical University of Berlin, Germany
– 2007 – 2010, Teaching assistant, Advanced Computational Training in Energy Engineering (Vertiefendes Rechnerpraktikum zur Energietechnik), use of EBSILON®Professional, Aspen Plus, GateCycle™ and Engineering Equation Solver (EES), Technical University of Berlin, Germany
– 2006 – 2010, Co-supervisor of a total of 10 Student research /Master theses (Studienarbeit/Masterarbeit), Technical University of Berlin, Germany

Participation in Research Projects
05/2013 – 04/2015 Green Energy for Islands – GENERGIS (332028)
Supported by: European Union (MC-IEF, FP7)
Project duration: 24 months (start May 2013)

09/2012 – 01/2013 Study on the technological perspective of different paths of utilization of lignocellulosic biomass
Supported by: REPSOL
Project duration: 26 weeks (start September 2012)

01/2012 – 01/2013 Development of efficient photocatalysts for obtaining products of commercial interest for the valuation of CO2
Project supported by: REPSOL
Project duration: 24 months (start January 2012)

2012 – 01/2013 Simulation, thermodynamic analysis and life cycle assessment of bioethanol production from waste and biofuels from plastic waste
Project under negotiation.
Project supported by: BEFESA/ ABENGOA

03/2011 – 01/2013 Evaluation of Gasification Processes and their Improvement Potential
Project supported by: European Union (COFUND AMAROUT, FP7) and IMDEA Energy
Project duration: 48 months (start March 2011)

01/2012 – 01/2013 Sustainable routes for the production of oxygenated high energy density biofuels from lignocelullosic biomass in a sustainable and efficient way (ASBIOPLAT)
Project supported by: The Madrid Regional Authority (Comunidad de Madrid)
Project duration: 36 months (start January 2012)

03/2011 – 01/2013 Advanced Electrolyser for Hydrogen Production with Renewable Energy Sources (ADEL)
Project supported by: The European Community’s Seventh Framework Programme (), Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking ()
Project budget: 4.1 million euro
Project duration: 36 months (start January 2011)

03/2011 – 01/2013 Use of agro-forest and oily residues to produce clean transportation fuels (RESTOENE)
Project supported by: The Madrid Regional Authority (Comunidad de Madrid)
Project duration: 48 months (start January 2010)

09/2006 – 09/2009 Optimization of Systems, Energy Management and Environmental Impact in Process Engineering
Project supported by: The European Union (MC-RTN, FP6)
Project duration: 36 months (start January 2006)

06/2005-10/2005 Design Optimization of products and procedures with emphasis on the parametric formation of fluctuations in complex geometry (Member of the research team), Programme “Pythagoras II”. Supervisor: John K. Nikolos
Project supported by: Cofinanced Development Programmes (EU, Greece)
Project budget: 70.000 euro
Project duration: 19 months (start June 2005)